Project results

Project result “O1”. CEFR descriptors for the medical domain
CEFR descriptors for the medical domain are aimed to help learners and examiners to assess language skills for medical purposes in relevance to the levels established in the Common European Framework for Languages.
Descriptors_EN (English)
Descriptors_HU (Hungarian)
Descriptors_IT (Italian)
Descriptors_PO (Polish)
Descriptors_ES (Spanish)

Help the IMETS consortium to tailor the Examination System to the needs of prospective candidates and complete the questionnaire provided below.
International Medical English Testing System (IMETS) Language Needs Analysis

Project result “O2”. Exam specifications
Exam specifications will be a document providing precise guidelines concerning the format of the exam and will specify how the process of the item writing should be organised. Exam specifications will be developed for each exam paper (reading, listening, writing and speaking) and for each level (B1, B2, Cl).
File on exam specifications
Test specification_EN (English)

Training module for exam developers

Project result “O3”. Guidelines for exam validation
Guidelines will be a document describing in detail all quality assurance measures that need to be taken while developing the IMETS examination system. They will include recommendations concerning internal and external validation procedures for all types of exam papers at all stages of their development and implementation.

Project result “O9”. Booklet for exam takers
The booklet for exam takers will include the detailed description of each exam paper, the practical information for candidates such as the registration procedure, assessment procedure and certificates. Technical aspects of taking the exam will be also explained.

Project result “O10”. Training module for examiners
Training module for examiners will include the guidelines for the assessment of exam papers in accordance with the CEFR descriptors for the medical domain.
All training materials will be implemented in an interactive form on an online platform.

Project result “O16”. Guidelines for exam centres
A set of instructions will be prepared in order to provide the information for all these institutions which will be interested in becoming examination centres. The guidelines will offer complete information for all decision-makers such as institutions’ authorities, heads of the language centres at the medical universities and colleges, examinations centres offering other examinations.

Project result “O17”. Standardised IMETS exam samples
These samples of test-takers performance will be assessed by a larger group of examiners in order to serve as a model of a correctly assessed exam paper.

Project result “O18”. Strategic cooperation plan
The strategic cooperation plan will be a document specifying all key elements that have to be considered for further development of IMETS initiative during and after the project lifetime.

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